quinta-feira, dezembro 15, 2005

Nós, as pasteleiras, e os outros

Como eles nos percebem...Copy e paste de notas de viagem sacadas da net de gente que palmilha as ruas de Lisboa.

Uma húngara em Lisboa (11/12) "Lisboa is a place to party and fiesta all the time and to go up and down its streets and watch people from pasteleiras while drinking galão and eating natas."

Uma tailandesa em Portugal: "
Mc Donald's in portugal were super cool, they served soup, ice tea and beer."

Um australiano em Lisboa (14/12) "MY GOD... every meal that you buy.. you get chips and rice as a side dish... pork chop...with chips and rice... hamburger (the patty only!!!)... with chips and rice.. PASTA... with chips and rice... The other thing is that they also give you a few slices of tomator, lettuce and slivers of grated carrot.. all in all a balanced diet."

"Aswell.. they have this trick where they put entres on your table even if you dont order them.. bread... cheese... olives. So far these have only cost 0.90 euro and its a good taste of different food.. Yesterday we got absolutely ROOTED. We have to pay 5.50 euro for some olives, cheese, pate (which we didnt eat) and bread..Sure it was damn tasty.. but considering the lasagna was only 4.50 euro it was so dodgy."

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