sábado, novembro 26, 2005

You will lose if you play the blues

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Rolling Stones & Muddy Waters, 1981 (Bronzeville Checkerboard)

After negotiations with the Univ. of Chicago (aka real estate manager for this area), the 'new' Checkerboard opens in Hyde Park, 10$ cover.
Don't underestimate the (in)famous Checkerboard Lounge: this was once the historical South-Side blues club, previously ownded by Buddy Guy, and where the Rolling Stones once played with Muddy Waters back in the day (Nov. 1981). It's sad to see it turned into a fancy and legitimate destination for white north-siders in Hyde Park, where you can't smoke, neighboring McDonald's. Acabei a noite no Falcon Inn, essa outra grande instituição de Hyde Park, onde a caneca de cerveja custa 1.5$, e se cantam os blues à desgarrada: "You won't lose if you play the blues" (not at Falcon, that is).

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