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Not Bored faz pinturas e mapas

Esta vai para o Sun Tzu e o Xico Nhoca, que parece que voltam à 'cena'.

Between Wednesday 26 March and Saturday 30 March 2003, Bill Brown of the New York Surveillance Camera Players was in Chicago, Illinois. Brought to the "Windy City" by the Version 03 arts festival, Bill spent his first two days making a map of surveillance cameras installed in public places in "the Loop" (downtown Chicago). Once completed, this map was photocopied (100 copies) and -- thanks to Wade, who put Bill up for the duration of his stay -- scanned and uploaded to Chicago Indy Media, along with an annoucement that in two days Bill was going to offer a walking tour based upon it. (By the time he offered the tour, Bill had corrected the map in a couple places in which cameras marked "private" were actually "government". The version on display here is not the original but the corrected version.)

Because (1) at least a couple of these privately owned buildings (the Sears Tower and the Chicago Board of Trade) are among the most important buildings in the entire country, (2) these national landmarks are located very close to each other, and (3) these landmarks are also located very close to (get this!) a federal correctional facility, a bank that is part of the Federal Reserve system and no less than three federal buildings, the 12-square-block area along Jackson between State and Wacker contains one-third (71) of the total number of cameras in the Loop. At six cameras per intersection, this area must be one of the most heavily surveilled in all of America.

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Obrigado pipas, mas já conhecia o projecto. Mandei-te um mail acerca daquele outro assunto...

Danu Blau disse...

ainda não recebi nada...