quinta-feira, janeiro 05, 2006

A minha vizinha é mesmo muito louca: de sound check a sound choque II

My downstairs neighbor strikes again. Escreveu outra carta, num tom bem mais ameaçador. Acaba assim:

"it grieves me that we could not solve this in a friendly and neighborly way. But I have done what I could, and you have only met me with resistance, guilt-tripping and insults. Now, I am out of patience and I will take this up next with our landlord."
Respondi-lhe com uma carta que hesito em enviar:
(...) Having reached this point, all I can say is that it is not me who should rethink its neighborly conduct. Let me also tell you that I find deeply insulting when you write that I have only met you with 'resistance, guilt-tripping and insults'. Not only is it unfair given the way I have communicated with you; it is also dishonest, considering what I have done to please your silence requests. Respectfully".

Para alem do fait-divers, percebi hoje que este é um caso de sound-shock que não vira cultural shock. A minha vizinha de baixo é mesmo louca. Insana. E essas pessoas encontramo-las em todo o lado.

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